1. Wanderlust - by John Zay (Featuring Angelo Moore & Tobias Ralph)

  2. Optimistic Yes - by Angelo Moore/Dr. Madd Vibe (Fishbone)

  3. Lion - by Tom Rhodes

  4. I am the Todd - by Robert Maschio (Scrubs)

  5. Lost Vegas Nights - by David Faustino/Lil' Gweed (Married With Children)

  6. Janina - by The Rosy Nolan Band

  7. Oblivion - By Vaco

  8. Cuban Itch - by Jack Stein

  9. Don't Let Go - by Kole Hansen

  10. Sun Keeps Shining - by The Cornerstoners

  11. I'm Down - by Jen Urban & The Box


A collection of Tracks from Artists who've worked with John Zay


1. Wanderlust> Recorded, Mixed & Produced by John Zay.  Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards performed by John Zay.

2. Optimistic Yes> Drums & Vocals recorded by John Zay. Mixed & Co=Produced by John Zay.

3. Lion> Recorded & Mixed by John Zay

4. I am the Todd> Recorded, Mixed & Co-Produced by John Zay.

5. Lost Vegas Nights> Recorded & Mixed by John Zay

6. Janina> Recorded & Mixed by John Zay

7. Oblivion> Recorded, Mixed & Co-Produced by John Zay.  All Instruments performed by John Zay

8. Cuban Itch> Recorded, Mixed & Co-Produced by John Zay. Guitars performed by John Zay.

10. Don't Let Go> Recorded & Mixed by John Zay.  Guitars & Bass performed by John Zay

9. Sun Keeps Shining> Recorded & Mixed by John Zay

11. I'm Down> Recorded & Mixed by John Zay


One of my all time favorite movies to this day is "The Natural" with Robert Redford. There is a scene early in the movie when Redford's character Roy Hobbs strikes out Babe Ruth on a bet at a fairground. When Hobbs walks away an old man is heard saying "He's a natural, a natural". It is my belief that we all have a natural inclination towards our individual talents from childhood. I was banging on my brother's drumset at 3 years old, got my first guitar at 10 and played a gig at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at 26. From as early as I can remember my inclination has been towards music.....hence the name Natural Sonic:-)


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